Elementary School Programs

Experience the powerful messages from one of the country's top youth motivational speakers.  Give your students the opportunity to witness the school program that teachers and administrators are calling, "the BEST assembly we have seen". Corey's Character Motivation and Anti-Bully Education programs are entertaining, engaging, and inspiring with messages that motivate students of all ages throughout the country. 


"I wanted to send our most sincere thank you for an amazing assembly! That was the best, most enjoyable and memorable assembly I have ever seen! You are amazing at what you do! Kids and teachers loved it!!"

Amanda Ruyle

Assistant Principal - Columbia, Missouri

iam_"my choices" -  character education assembly

"Good Choice, Bad Choice, My Choice."  In Corey's "iam__my choices" character education assembly - students learn about making good choices and that we ultimately become the choices that we make.  Whether it is the choice to always give your best effort, to be kind to a classmate, to become a leader, or to never give up - our choices reflect who we are. Corey also educates your students on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through making good choices in the cafeteria and becoming more active.  The character education assembly is a great kick-off to Red-ribbon week, Fitness Awareness, Right to Read Month, and other special programs.

iam_a"Up Stander" -  anti-bully education assembly

Corey presents his anti-bullying education in the most effective way possible-through positive re-enforcement.  In this high energy elementary school assembly - Corey reminds students that school is a fun and safe environment for everyone to be "themselves". Every student is different and Corey teaches  your students to embrace who "you" are and then more importantly, accept others for who they are.  Students also get to learn what it takes to be an "UPstander" - (someone who stands up for what is right, for their friends, and for themselves). We all know what it takes to be an up stander and after Corey's anti-bullying elementary assembly, your school will know how to apply their knowledge and make a difference.

iam_"my best" -  state testing motivation assembly

State testing time can be a tense time for any elementary school. That is why Corey's "iam_mybest" is the perfect assembly to get your students fired up for the big test. This high energy rally is packed with entertainment and games that will help unite your school and also give your students helpful tips come test day.  Corey also shares with your students his secrets on how he prepared himself while developing as one of the best shooters in the country in high school and college. 

jump into a good bookreading assembly

The absolute best assembly to get your students excited about reading.  Corey will pump up your elementary students and get them ready for "reading month" and teach your students how to create "good habits" in reaching their reading goals.  "Jump into a Good Book" is also great for rewarding your students after they reach the school's reading goals. As an author/illustrator himself, Corey will also share his comic book, "How To Shoot A Basketball", and share with the students the practice habits that are necessary for success.