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Anti-Bully Education Assembly

Elementary School

“School is a fun and safe environment for you to be yourself”

Another popular school program where Corey brings the fun and energy into an Anti-Bully Education assembly. A positive and uplifting program that gets your students and teachers engaged right from the start.

Corey’s Anti-Bully Education program first teaches every student to be the best version of themselves. He emphasizes that having a positive attitude, making good choices, and having some fun can all contribute to being your best. He then shifts his focus to the school as a whole with messages of teamwork and how to create a positive culture.

it’s important for you to be your best, but it is just as important for you to help create a culture where others can feel safe and comfortable to be themselves”.

If one person feels left out or feels as if they do not matter, then we can’t be our best as a whole. He teaches your students that a part of being your best - is to encourage others and to make them feel important because we all make an impact and contribute to this school.

This assembly can also feature your schools Anti-Bully Messages and themes and is suitable for any day of the school year. This program is most popular during: October (Anti-Bully Month), Red Ribbon Week, Respect Week, and other similar themes throughout the year.


“We had Corey come in to kick off our Red Ribbon week celebration.  He was excellent and really got the kids engaged.  But more importantly he gave a great message. I highly recommend Corey for a school assembly.”


Eric Woeste / Guidance Counselor / Celina East Elementary - Celina, OH


What your students will learn…

Be “Your” Best: When you come to school, be “YOUR” best. Give “YOUR” best effort and have “YOUR” best attitude. It’s not important whose the tallest, fastest, or smartest - its important that you be “YOUR” best!

Encourage Others: Not only is it important for you to be your best but to also encourage others to be their best. Help create a safe and positive environment for everybody.

We All Matter: We all matter and contribute to the success of this school. If one person feels left out or feels they don’t matter then we can’t be our best. We are make the difference.

School is FUN!: School is a fun safe place for you to be the best version of yourself. Be creative and allow others to be the best version of themselves.


“I have been an elementary principal for ten years and I have never seen an assembly where kids were so engaged, motivated, and walked away better because of the message they heard.”


Casey Godfrey / Principal / The Lane School - Chicago, IL

This assembly is great for…

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The Anti-Bully education program is popular because it can be scheduled at any point of the school year. Whatever the occasion may be: Beginning of the year, Red Ribbon Week, Anti-Bully Month, Respect Week, or maybe your school just wants a fun refreshing assembly: the character education program is the perfect fit. 

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Why Schools Invest in Corey’s Programs

Fun and Engaging: Schools love how fun and engaging Corey’s programs are for both the students and the teachers. Everybody leaves happy and refreshed.

Growing Message: Corey message is constantly evolving with the developments of character education. Plus, Corey will customize his message to fit exactly what your school is looking for.

Audience Management: Schools love how engaged Corey gets the students. He truly has the audience with him from the beginning.

Low Maintenance: Corey’s program are 45-50 minutes with easy set-up (10 min.) It makes it easier for you plus your gym or performance space won’t be tied up all day with equipment.