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Character Education Assembly

Middle School

One of Corey's favorite school assemblies to perform, the Middle School Character Education Assembly is loaded with powerful messages for your older students. Corey will get your middle school students going right when they walk through the doors with music, basketball tricks, and shooting competitions. While engaging and participating in competitions - your students will learn how “their choices” have the most impact on who they become. Your students also learn how small simple choices made daily can make a major impact in their own lives and the ones around them.

“We own our effort and we own our attitude. It’s our choice to do the right thing and work to become the best versions of ourselves.”

Corey’s middle school presentations are a refreshing take on school assemblies equipped with engaging competitions, entertaining stories, and a positive message that everybody can rally around. This program is a perfect fit for kicking off the new school year, Red Ribbon Week, kicking off a new Character Education Program, and more.


“We just had Corey with our 6th graders.  We have over 600 students students and he kept them entertained, engaged, and hanging on every word. We appreciate him coming and building on the kids character on everything that he said. ”


Sashabaw Middle School - Clarkston, MI

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What your students will learn…

Small Choices/Big Impact: Making an impact does not take miracle changes or impossible tasks. We can each make a difference with simple choices made daily with effort, respect, and kindness. A small choice can make a major impact

Never Give UP: If you give your best effort there is no such thing as failure. Success is a journey and every bump or mis-step is not failure but an opportunity to learn and get better. Never give up on yourself and never give up on your dreams.

Own Your Effort/Own Your Attitude: We control our effort and our attitude. We choice to give our best and we choice to be happy. These are two factors that we have 100% control of and its our job to give our best effort and to always have a positive attitude.

School is FUN!: School is a fun safe place for you to be the best version of yourself. Be creative and allow others to be the best version of themselves.


“We just had two assemblies and they are wonderful. I highly recommend these programs. I want him back next year!”


Mike Woy / Assistant Principal / Wells Middle School - San Francisco, CA

This assembly is great for…

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The character education program is the most demanded program because it can be scheduled at any point of the school year. Whatever the occasion may be: Beginning of the year, Red Ribbon Week, Anti-Bully Month, Respect Week, or maybe your school just wants a fun refreshing assembly: the character education program is the perfect fit. 

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Why Schools Invest in Corey’s Programs

Fun and Engaging: Schools love how fun and engaging Corey’s programs are for both the students and the teachers. Everybody leaves happy and refreshed.

Growing Message: Corey message is constantly evolving with the developments of character education. Plus, Corey will customize his message to fit exactly what your school is looking for.

Audience Management: Schools love how engaged Corey gets the students. He truly has the audience with him from the beginning.

Low Maintenance: Corey’s program are 45-50 minutes with easy set-up (10 min.) It makes it easier for you plus your gym or performance space won’t be tied up all day with equipment.