i am_"my choices" 

Character Education assembly

"Good Choice, Bad Choice, My Choice."  In Corey's "iam__my choices" character education assembly - students learn about making good choices and that we ultimately become the choices that we make.  Whether it is the choice to always give your best effort, to be kind to a classmate, to become a leader, or to never give up - our choices reflect who we are. Corey also educates your students on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through making good choices in the cafeteria and becoming more active.  The character education assembly is a great kick-off to Red-ribbon week, Fitness Awareness, Right to Read Month, and other special programs.

“I have been a guidance counselor and in education for 16 years and have been in many buildings, and your presentation was one of the best ones I have seen.”


Scott Entrikin / School Counselor / Ocean Acres Elementary School -  Manahawkin, NJ

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Apply Your Knowledge: Knowledge does not become power unless we APPLY it. We know what it takes to be kind, to be respectful, to be responsible, to be safe, and to be ourselves - but that knowledge does not become power unless we apply it.

We Become Our Choices: "Good Choice, Bad Choice, My Choice", our character reflects the choices that we make. Its important to make the right choice, right time, the right way!

Be “Your” Best: When you come to school, be “YOUR” best. Give “YOUR” best effort and have “YOUR” best effort. It’s not important whose the tallest, fastest, or smartest - its important that YOU be your “YOUR” best! And this school is a fun and safe environment for you to do so.

School is FUN! - School is a fun safe place for you to be the best version of yourself. Be creative and allow others to be the best version of themselves.


"I wanted to send our most sincere THANK YOU for an amazing assembly! That was the best, most enjoyable and memorable assembly I have ever seen! You are amazing at what you do! Kids and teachers loved it!!"


Amanda Ruyle / Assistance Principal / Russell Elementary - Columbia, MO

This Assembly is Great For…

Start of the Year Celebration: Get the year started off right with a fun, engaging, and powerful message.

Red Ribbon Week: A fun and engaging assembly to help your school celebrate national Red Ribbon Week.

Anti-Bully Month: October is the most demanded month for Jim "Basketball" Jones. This month sells out of single year. Book your show early.

Leader in Me: Corey’s message touches on all of the 7 habits of leadership for the Leader in Me Character program.

PBIS: Let Corey help initiate your schools PBIS initiative: Respect, Responsible, and Safe.

Kick off Celebration: Implementing a new character program or message? Corey will customize his message to work with any new program or message that your school in implementing.

End of the Year Celebration: A great conclusion to another successful school year to have fun with a important message to learn before summer.


“Why schools invest in Corey’s programs”

Schools love how engaging and fun all Jim’s presentations are for both the students and staff. Everyone leaves happy and refreshed.

Schools love that Jim is up to date on all the new research and movements within education (ie: GRIT, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Unselfie, PBIS, Leader in Me, Above the Line, PAX, etc.).

His program is constantly growing and evolving, so schools can book him every year and grow right along with him.

Schools love Jim’s audience management and how involved he gets the students. He truly has the audience right with him the entire presentation.

Schools love his personal story of being in the Special Education classroom to eventually graduating at the top of his class in college.