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State Testing Motivation

Elementary School

Let Corey get your school pumped up for testing with his State Testing Motivation Assembly. Your students will get motivated to show off their hard work by applying their knowledge and showing what they know in this fun and engaging school wide rally. Corey will give your students useful tips to help them be their best. Wake up early, eat a healthy breakfast, read the entire question twice, and other simple tips that can help students improve their scores.

“We have worked hard all year long. Now is the time to show what we know and be our best”

If you are looking to get your students pumped before your statewide test or if you are looking to celebrate the end of testing week, then Corey’s statewide testing motivation school assembly is the perfect fit for your school.


“I have been a guidance counselor and in education for 16 years and have been in many buildings, and your presentation was one of the best ones I have seen.”


Scott Entrikin / School Counselor / Ocean Acres Elementary School -  Manahawkin, NJ


What your students will learn…

Apply Your Knowledge: Knowledge does not become power unless we APPLY it. We have worked so hard over the course for the school year, now it is time to apply your knowledge and to show what you know.

Patient Test Taking: "Read the entire question not once, but “TWICE”. Reading the entire question twice allows you to fully understand the question and gives you the best chance to answer the question correctly.

Small choices/Big Impact: Corey teaches your students how simple choices can improve their test scores. Choices that everybody can make such as: Go to bed early, eat a healthy breakfast, be active in the morning, “patient test taking”, and much more.

Be “Your” Best: We need everybody’s best effort for us to reach our state testing goals. Every student makes and impact and lets “bust this test together”.


"I wanted to send our most sincere THANK YOU for an amazing assembly! That was the best, most enjoyable and memorable assembly I have ever seen! You are amazing at what you do! Kids and teachers loved it!!"


Amanda Ruyle / Assistance Principal / Russell Elementary - Columbia, MO

This assembly is great for…

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The State Testing Motivation program is perfect for the weeks prior to testing week and the weeks afterwards to celebrate a job well done. This rally is absolute must to get your students to “Bust That Test”.

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Why Schools Invest in Corey’s Programs

Fun and Engaging: Schools love how fun and engaging Corey’s programs are for both the students and the teachers. Everybody leaves happy and refreshed.

Growing Message: Corey message is constantly evolving with the developments of character education. Plus, Corey will customize his message to fit exactly what your school is looking for.

Audience Management: Schools love how engaged Corey gets the students. He truly has the audience with him from the beginning.

Low Maintenance: Corey’s program are 45-50 minutes with easy set-up (10 min.) It makes it easier for you plus your gym or performance space won’t be tied up all day with equipment.