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Importance of Reading

Elementary School

“Read what you love and write what you know”

The reading assembly that helps your school to celebrate reading awareness month. In this, Reading Education School Assembly, Corey helps your school get excited for your schools reading initiative program. Corey encourages your students to give their best effort when it comes to reaching their reading goals and that everybody contributes to the success of the schools reading initiative.

Corey also brings the energy to get your students pumped for reading awareness. He encourages your students to have fun with their creativity.

Have fun with your reading program. Read what love and write about what you know.”

As and author and illustrator, Corey also shares his journey with creating his comic book, “How To Shoot a Basketball”. Starting as a habit, Corey learned his cartooning techniques through books and online tutorials and with a lot of persistence and hard work, he was able to produce his very own comic book.

This assembly is most popular during the month of March for National Reading Awareness Month. School’s also love to have Corey present during the entire week of Dr. Suess’ birthday celebration. Corey helps kick off all reading initiative programs and helps celebrate the conclusion of reading programs.


“I have been a guidance counselor and in education for 16 years and have been in many buildings, and your presentation was one of the best ones I have seen.”


Scott Entrikin / School Counselor / Ocean Acres Elementary School -  Manahawkin, NJ


What your students will learn…

Give Your best Effort: The goals of the reading program is set and now it is time to give your best effort. Take the program one day at a time, one page at a time.

Have fun with your Reading Program: Reading what you love and writing what you know has unlimited learning possibilities. It makes learning exciting.

We All Matter: We all matter and contribute to the success of this schools reading program. If one person feels left out or feels they don’t matter then we can’t reach our best. We are make the difference.

Learning Process: Corey shares his how his hard work and persistence helped him produce his very own comic book, “How To Shoot A Basketball”.


“I have been an elementary principal for ten years and I have never seen an assembly where kids were so engaged, motivated, and walked away better because of the message they heard.”


Casey Godfrey / Principal / The Lane School - Chicago, IL

This assembly is great for…

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The Reading education program is perfect during the month of March for Reading Awareness Month and Dr. Suess’ Birthday. School’s during this time begin or conclude their reading programs and Corey’s reading program will be there to help celebrate.

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Why Schools Invest in Corey’s Programs

Fun and Engaging: Schools love how fun and engaging Corey’s programs are for both the students and the teachers. Everybody leaves happy and refreshed.

Growing Message: Corey message is constantly evolving with the developments of character education. Plus, Corey will customize his message to fit exactly what your school is looking for.

Audience Management: Schools love how engaged Corey gets the students. He truly has the audience with him from the beginning.

Low Maintenance: Corey’s program are 45-50 minutes with easy set-up (10 min.) It makes it easier for you plus your gym or performance space won’t be tied up all day with equipment.