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Anti-Bully Education Assembly

Middle School

A positive and engaging approach to one of the most talked about topics in schools today. Corey’s anti-bully education assembly for middle school students is a fun assembly mixed with refreshing messages that encourages students to always be themselves. It only takes one person to make a positive impact in your schools and every student has the opportunity to help create a positive uplifting culture.

It only take one to make a difference. Be yourself and encourage others to be themselves and be a part of something special.”

Your students will be entertained with Corey’s tricks, his competitions, and with his stories from playing high school basketball on one of the most polarizing basketball teams in the entire country. This assembly can be performed throughout the entire school year and is most popular for: Red-Ribbon Week, Anti-Bully Month, Respect Week, and so on.


“I received a ton of feedback from the assembly as the students LOVED IT! Thank you so much for coming out and we look forward to having you again in the future!”


Samantha McDonald / North Dorchester Middle School - Hurlock, MD

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What your students will learn…

Always Be Yourself: Never be afraid to be who you are. You matter and you make an impact on the success of this school.

Be The Difference: It only take one person to make a difference. Each student has the opportunity to be the difference and creating a positive uplifting environment for this school.

Be an “upstander” Be an “upstander” not a “by-stander”. Stand up for what is right and stand up for others.

School is FUN!: School is a fun safe place for you to be the best version of yourself. Be creative and allow others to be the best version of themselves.


“We polled the kids on all the activities they they went through. And out of everything the kids did today, CLEARLY, the kids enjoyed your assembly the most.”


Bryon Piona / Teacher / McGee Middle School - Berlin, CT

This assembly is great for…

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The anti-bully education program is one of the most demanded program because it can be scheduled at any point of the school year. Whatever the occasion may be: Beginning of the year, Red Ribbon Week, Anti-Bully Month, Respect Week, or maybe your school just wants a fun refreshing assembly: the anti-bully education program is the perfect fit. 

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Why Schools Invest in Corey’s Programs

Fun and Engaging: Schools love how fun and engaging Corey’s programs are for both the students and the teachers. Everybody leaves happy and refreshed.

Growing Message: Corey message is constantly evolving with the developments of character education. Plus, Corey will customize his message to fit exactly what your school is looking for.

Audience Management: Schools love how engaged Corey gets the students. He truly has the audience with him from the beginning.

Low Maintenance: Corey’s program are 45-50 minutes with easy set-up (10 min.) It makes it easier for you plus your gym or performance space won’t be tied up all day with equipment.