Author Visits

Bring Corey to your school! Your students will love to hear about the creation of his project, "How To Shoot A Basketball". As a youth motivational speaker, Corey has traveled all over the country visiting hundreds a schools and inspiring thousands of students.  His presentation style is unmatched.  Your students will be engaged from beginning to end as they laugh, learn, and get inspired by Corey's journey from basketball player, to speaker, to author/illustrator. 


"Your hard work for this book is admirable and contagious.  The students now want to be authors and illustrators, just like you!!"

Ms. Stephanie Lekas - The Constellation School - Elyria, OH

Learn Corey's Creative Process...

Corey's author visits consist of many breakout sessions that take place in front of smaller audiences.  These breakout sessions create a more intimate experience for each student that you can't get during a school assembly. 

Author Visits include:

  • Each session is about 20-25 minutes. Corey will do as many sessions as needed during that school day. 
  • Sessions can be performed in a classroom, library, or a common room.  Corey wants to make it easier for you and your students.
  • Students get an up close look at Corey's writing and drawing process. 
  • Corey shares the stories beyond the pages of his book and the importance of expressing your passion within your work. 
  • After each session Corey is happy to leave time to answer any questions for your students.  


  • Books ordered after Corey's visit are only $5.00 
  • Every student will be given an order form to bring home to show their parents. The school will collect all orders from students and staff.
  • Corey will ship the books to your school for FREE!! 

Corey will sign every copy ordered from your school!!!