Concord Elementary School - Concord, Virginia

"thank you for coming back to our school for a visit! Our students LOVE when you perform!


Mike Woy - San Fransisco, California

We just had two assemblies and they were wonderful. I highly recommend these programs. I want him back next year.   

Bryon Piona - Berlin, Connecticut

"We polled the kids on all the activities that they went through.  And out of everything the kids did today, CLEARLY, the kids enjoyed your assembly the most."  

Student - Centralia, Missouri

"I loved the signature trick! You were awesome"                                             

  Nancy Mahoney - Queens, New York

"you definitely have a gift"

"I had so much fun today when you came to my school! I was very impressed. I learned patient listening and showed it to my parents."

                                  Student - Newark, New Jersey

"your presentation was amazing. All the kids were engaged and the positive message making good choices and character building were perfect!"

                                              Tracy Gatz - St. Louis, Missouri

Experience the powerful messages from one of the country's top youth motivational speakers.  Give your students the opportunity to witness the school program that teachers and administrators are calling, "the BEST assembly we have seen". Corey's Character Motivation and Anti-Bully Education programs are entertaining, engaging, and inspiring with messages that motivate students of all ages throughout the country. 

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Casey Godfrey - The Lane School - Chicago, IL

"I've been an elementary principal for ten years and I have never seen an assembly where kids were so engaged, motivated and walked away better because of the message they heard"

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Jessica Senna - Freehold, New Jersey

"the greatest assembly...."