My Alabama Trip!!

Tiger Country with some Roll Tide and a Irish Surprise!!


Southside Middle School located in Tallasse, Alabama welcomed me for 2 programs on the afternoon of March 7th.  We had basketball shooting, simon says, and the "impossible" was done in front of the 7th and 8th graders when a student completed the "impossible catch" to win a basketball.  The crowd roared as the student held the ball in the air like a trophy or like Simba from the Lion King (I miss the 90's).  I love creating opportunities for students to support other students.  Its important for young people to understand and visually see that he or she has people around them who care and actually want them to become successful.  This "me against the world attitude" accomplishes nothing.  When we work together and support one another we can accomplish anything including the "impossible". 

The following day featured 2 more programs at Tallassee Elementary School.  Positive behavior, Good choices, and just simply "have fun" were the programs headlines.  We had teachers skipping to their own beat and kids who were so engaged and well behaved that teachers did cartwheels.  No literally, I had a teacher do a cartwheel in front of the entire audience.  It was a first and it was so fantastic.  Writing about how the programs were that afternoon can only go so far.  They are only from my perspective.  Here is a review from the guidance counselor who participated in both programs. 

"My name is Tenea Stanton. I'm the school counselor at Tallassee Elementary School. At first, I didn’t know how the students would respond to another assembly about bullying. This was not like any assembly we have experienced.  The students and teachers were captivated by your presentation. It has been four days later, and they are still talking about it. You were able to entertain and educate them.  That means a lot with elementary school students.  It meant the world to the students to be called on stage to be a part of the presentation".

I just want to say thanks to Tenea Stanton for the kind words and the opportunity to come visit Tallasse, Alabama and share my message.  

Its a small world: Just before I went to take the stage for my second presentation a gentleman came over to me to show me his green St. Vincent. - St. Mary zip up jacket.  Turns out he was a alum from the class on 1992 and moved to Alabama to become a locksmith.  Here we were 900 miles away from our high school and we ran into each other.  What are the chances!