My Trip To Columbus, Georgia!!


Columbus, Georgia (Februar 21st-22nd)

Last week I packed my bags and left Columbus, OH to fly to......COLUMBUS!!  From one Columbus to another (it made my boarding passes very confusing). I flew into Atlanta and drove the 90 minute drive southwest to Columbus, Georgia located right on the Georgia/Alabama border.  I was only 45 minutes away from Auburn, but if you ask my brother in law I was in Georgia Bulldog Country.  

I had 5 programs at 5 different schools over a 2 day span.  I was brought to Columbus, Georgia through the efforts of the DoDea Foundation. Here is a quick excerpt from their website describing what they do:


DoDEA, as one of only two Federally-operated school systems, is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and managing prekindergarten through 12th grade educational programs on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD). DoDEA is globally positioned, operating 166 accredited schools in 8 districts located in 11 foreign countries, 7 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. DoDEA employs approximately 15,000 employees who serve more than 72,000 children of active duty military and DoD civilian families.


Only 15 miles from the military base, Fort Benning, the Columbus, GA school district serves many students who come from military families.  These students often move in and out of school districts not only around the country but throughout the world.  It is DoDEA's mission to provide these students "with a world-class education that prepares them for postsecondary education and/or career success and to be leading contributors in their communities as well as in our 21st century globalized society." It can be challenging for these students to integrate into a new school system with new teachers and new students and I was brought in to shed some light on kindness and the importance of applying are knowledge that we all matter

North Columbus Elementary School Celebrate Black History Month

Here are some pictures that I saw at North Columbus Elementary School.  These were just a few of the pieces that were on display to celebrate Black History Month.  It was cool seeing these pictures come together with all the different pieces that took to make them.  Even though each individual piece of paper is different in design, pattern, and color - when they come together, they make something beautiful.  Each and every one of us are these single sheets of paper with our unique differences and if and when we all come together we can achieve something beautiful!!!

I just wanted to end by saying thank you to the hardworking individuals that coordinated my visit to Columbus, GA.  I hope you enjoyed the programs and I certainly appreciate the opportunity to come visit your area.  Thank you and Go Dawgs!! (And Tigers too...)