Middle School Programs

Experience the powerful messages from one of the country's top youth motivational speakers.  Give your students the opportunity to witness the school program that teachers and administrators are calling, "the BEST assembly we have seen". Corey's Character Motivation and Anti-Bully Education programs are entertaining, engaging, and inspiring with messages that motivate students of all ages throughout the country. 


"We just had two assemblies and they were wonderful...I highly recommend these programs. I want him back next year!"

Mike Woy

Assistant Principal - Wells Middle School - San Francisco, CA


iam_"my choices" - character education

There are two things that we have always have control over and that is our EFFORT and our ATTITUDE! Through these principles, Corey educates Middle School students on the importance of always giving your maximum effort on everything that you do and to always carry a positive attitude. The iam_my attitude character assembly also emphasizes to always be yourself and to never let anybody or anything change the way you are.  

iam_"me" - anti-bully education

One of Corey's favorite school assemblies to perform - the iam_me anti-bullying Middle School Assembly is loaded with powerful messages for your middle schools students. Your students will be entertained from the moment they walk through the doors and from the music, basketball tricks, and shooting competitions.  But most importantly, your students will engaged throughout the entire presentation as Corey shares his experiences on how he responded to bullying while he was a teenager while playing on the most polarizing high school basketball team in the country.  A positive and engaging approach to one of the most talked about topics in the country.  The iam_me Anti-Bully Middle School Assembly will certainly make a positive impact to your school.

iam_"all in" - state testing motivation

"Teamwork Makes the Dream Work" and its going to take every students best EFFORT to "Bust" the State Test.  In his high energy pep rally, Corey brings the entire school together to get fired come test taking time.   "We Need Everybody's Best Effort"  and we need everybody need to be  "All In" in order to reach our goals. Corey emphasizes to your students to be "all in" and to give the test everything that you have.  Corey also shares his test taking tips and his personal secrets on how he prepared himself to become one of the best shooters in the country.