High School Programs

iam_"my choices" 

Corey has a way with connecting with any audience he speaks in front of and the high school audience is one of his favorites because it gives Corey an opportunity to dive deep into his own personal high school experience with bullying.  Corey drives home the point that what others say or post about you DOES not reflect who you are and he encourages students to NEVER let anything take away from who you are. Corey uses his improv stage experience to engage the audience in a series of activities that are wildly entertaining but also insightful on the effects how we use social media.

iam_"a student athlete"

Competing in High School Athletics can be very demanding and it is precisely what Corey understands through his experience playing basketball on one of the most high profile basketball teams in the nation - St. Vincent - St. Mary (Akron, OH). Corey teaches your students athletes how to manage their time between school, sports, family, and how it is important to enjoy being a teenager. The student athlete lifestyle can be stressful but it can also prepare you for the realities in college and the real world. This assembly is perfect for the entire athletic body or sports teams.